At ISL every investigator is fully trained and licensed. Our staff are committed to providing total professionalism and quality of service. They can assist businesses and organisations to provide cost effective investigation solutions to meet their needs. Our range of investigation services includes: Essentially, a good investigation company should be a problem solver. Problems may be solved by several methods, but the end result must be that sufficient high-quality information is gathered to evaluate the situation and provide possible solutions. Where there is fraud or theft, it is important to determine from where, when, how, why, and most importantly, by whom. Other concerns may be theft of time, abuse of trust, pilfering, resource wastage, or undue commercial risk from competitors. These concerns can only be clearly examined once full and detailed information has been obtained and analysed in an objective manner. Depending on the specific requirements, our services include:
  • A detailed and professionally written report
  • A review of the facts and/or disclosure documents
  • Site visits or scene examinations
  • Interviewing of involved parties and witnesses
  • Preparation of complaint files to be submitted to Police
  • Assistance in prosecution/defence file
  • Taking of statements/affidavits
For more information or to eliminate doubt that could risk the outcome of a serious matter please Contact Us. Our main locations are in Hamilton (Waikato), Auckland, and Tauranga (Bay of Plenty) however we have a nationwide network of Field Agents.